Tablet Business Application

Tablet Business Applications

Can tablets be used for business?

Tablets like iPad, Nexus are fast becoming front end of business applications; considering this future path we provide business application development for tablets especially considering these smaller screens that require rich user experience. There are 2 ways of having business applications for tablets.

Tablet App

An app can be designed to give you online as well as offline access to provide business continuity, which may not be possible in case of web applications.

Web application Dedicated to Smaller Screens

Applications can be engineered to suit smaller screens and easy to operate. E.g. Cashiers at the local store can do billing using tablet which will be connected to the server.

Alternatively, existing web application can be tweaked to suit smaller screens and used effectively on tablets.

How much each option will cost?

Contact us and we will provide you detailed picture according to your business needs.