Product Localization

Product Localization

ISMCorp has experience in product localization for Japan. Software products and websites often need to be converted to meet local/native styles and needs. Following are few examples of tasks involved in localization of a software product -


  • Cultural, technical and linguistic assessment
  • Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries
  • Translation to the target language
  • Translation

Rebuilidng of UI Components

  • Date and currency formats
  • Address-fields order
  • Order of first and last name:
    For Japan, first comes last-name and then given name
  • Input validation for double-byte characters (Japanese, Chinese characters)
  • Changing font style to most commonly used in that country.

System Architecture

  • need to be re-structured if not already built for internationalization (i18n), i.e. to support multiple countries.

Customization of service offerings

  • All of the services offered in one country may not be applicable in another. Hence, need to customize product/service offerings.

Payment options

Depending on local market offerings, payment options for online store etc, can be customized.
  • Credit card payments
  • Convenience store payment method
  • Bank transfer
  • Transfer via Post
  • Other services like, E-Correct


  • For products that are internationalized for various countries, every time a change is made to one particular locale (country), regression testing is required to test the changes for all locales (all countries)